All About Fire Rated Doors

Fire in the form of flames and smoke is one of the primary reasons for accidental deaths. Every year, the reason behind several deaths whether at home or office is fire, and million-dollar worth of property is turned into ashes within a few seconds. Numerous materials used in a building are resistant to fire one of them being fire rated door. Doors that resist the movement of fire and smoke, are made of gypsum, timber, and other metals.

How can you check the fire-rated doors?

Five steps are involved in checking the fire-rated doors

1)First and foremost, check for the certification, there must be a label placed on the door. It is usually on the jams of the door.

2)Check whether the glazing panels and air transfer grilles fit accurately and aren’t damaged.

3)Analyze the gaps and seals, there should be a 3 to 4mm gap in the doors. The seals should be there in the door frames, make sure they are installed accurately and aren’t damaged.

4)Observe the doors are opening entirely every time.

5)Examine if the door closer is working properly.

Fire doors are essential in the buildings we work or live in. Make sure it is installed properly and maintained regularly. It is the need of the hour until some misfortunate thing happens. These doors help to stop the spread of fire and provide the time for escape, saving several lives. To ensure you are safe and sound if a firebreak out all of a sudden, install one right away instead of a normal door.

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