What are the different types of waterproof flooring available in Colorado Springs, CO?

Liquids and water can ruin a floor faster than pineapple can ruin pizza. Bathrooms, entryways, basements, and even kitchens can be rife with spills, humidity, or tracked-in water in all sobriety. And depending upon the situation where you live, the possibility of flooding can also be a significant concern. Plus, many people need waterproof flooring for dogs or kids, both of whom can be surprisingly destructive on floors.

Deciding which water-resistant flooring to have installed in your bathroom or mudroom can be a challenging choice to make. Finding a waterproof flooring in Colorado Springs, CO, that will uphold its beautiful appearance while staying undamaged by wet, muddy shoes or splashes of water from the kitchen or bathroom sink can be complex.

The different types of waterproof flooring are as follows:

  • Porcelain tile can be one of the best waterproof flooring options available. It is highly customizable and beautiful in your home; porcelain tile is often used in showers, bathtubs, and pools, a testament to just how waterproof it is. It doesn’t need much maintenance and only needs a couple of minutes of attention now and then. Just a slight sweep or mop will keep your porcelain tile shining.
  • Porcelain tile can be highly durable and great for areas of your home that may come into contact with water, mud, and high-traffic areas. A great way to use porcelain tile waterproof flooring in Colorado Springs, CO, might be in an entryway or a bathroom.
  • Sheet vinyl can be100% waterproof and is among the best waterproof flooring options. It’s budget-friendly, can be personalized for the creative homeowner, and has few seams making it impenetrable to water. If you have the time, you should be able to install sheet vinyl without the help of a flooring crew. Sheet vinyl can also be straightforward to clean and maintain and only takes a couple of minutes each day to keep looking shiny.
  • Concrete is popular as it is easy to clean and has an effortless look, making it an excellent choice for mudrooms and garages, as they tend to be heavy in traffic and see quite a bit of water and mud. If properly installed, it is one of the best waterproof flooring options.

You may get that gorgeous, homey wood look you’ve been craving in every homeroom. Get ready and dive headfirst into the world of waterproof flooring.

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