Transforming Your Culinary Business: The Magic of Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Commercial kitchen appliances streamline cooking, cleaning and other restaurant procedures in low- and high-volume operations. Find the right equipment to suit your restaurant’s needs, including large appliances like ovens and smaller items such as food processors.

Choose shelving for storing supplies and nonperishable foods to keep everything organized and easy to find. You may also need prep carts on wheels for added flexibility in your food preparation areas.

Countertop Steam Table

The right steam table will help your restaurant, cafeteria, or buffet line keep food at safe hot food-holding temperatures for extended periods of time. This can greatly increase your operation’s efficiency, allowing you to serve more meals with less waste and shorter service times.

The best countertop steam tables will feature adjustable temperature control to let you choose your ideal setting, while also maintaining a consistent heat level throughout the entire food pan. They should be constructed from durable stainless steel for sturdiness and easy clean up. They will typically hold full size food pans and feature interchangeable compartments to accommodate different food options.

These units are typically powered by either electric or gas heating, with the main difference being that gas models require a connection to a gas line. Generally speaking, electric steam tables are more popular because they are easy to install and operate, especially in smaller settings where access to gas may be limited.

Some commercial steam tables will have open wells that allow you to use moist heating with or without water (spillage pans sold separately). This can be a great asset when you are serving up items like crispy fried foods, which tend to lose their texture or flavor when subjected to dry heat.

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Countertop Coffee Urn

Stainless steel countertop coffee urns make large quantities of hot drinks quickly and easily. They’re often found in cafeterias, community events, church gatherings, and other venues that serve large groups at once, making them an essential kitchen appliance for any busy establishment.

Some of these appliances can keep brewed coffee hot for hours, which makes them ideal for large catering events and meetings. They’re also highly durable, with many models boasting stainless steel construction that resists rust and corrosion.

When cleaning this type of equipment, you should drain it completely and scrub the basin with a sponge or bottle brush, then rinse it with warm water. You should also be sure to thoroughly clean the dispensing spigot, especially its tip, with warm soapy water or specialty urn cleaner to prevent germ transmission.

This particular model from Proctor Silex, a brand known for their glass dishware, has a handy water level window to help you stay in control of the brewing process and shuts off automatically when done. It also comes with a heat-resistant handle near the top and legs that feature skid-resistant footing to protect countertops from damage. It can brew up to 100 cups at once, perfect for larger group events or meetings. Its one-hand dispensing system helps you avoid messes and reduces cross contamination, too.

Countertop Catering Cart

Put your foodservice operation on wheels and offer “Grab-N-Go” meals, snacks or beverages outside of your dining room with these stainless steel tu hap com cong nghiep countertop catering carts. Large, spacious shelves provide ample storage and extra work space for preparing food or mixing drinks. An ergonomic handle makes it easy to maneuver the carts through hallways and elevators. Stainless steel construction stands up to the rigors of busy commercial kitchens. Choose from a variety of configurations to fit your needs and workflow.

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