Tips for Creating an Effective Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Program

Carpet cleaning maintenance is an integral part of any carpet’s care regimen. Regular carpet maintenance of commercial cleaning services in Austin, TX helps reduce stains, shields against soil and allergens, and extends the life of carpets. There are a few rules to follow when it comes to rug cleaning maintenance; hiring a professional company is recommended as they have experience with the best methods and solutions for carpet care. Here are some tips for creating an effective carpet maintenance program.

Cleaning Carpets

The initial step in carpet cleaning maintenance is to vacuum them. Doing this reduces the risk of stains, soil and allergens on your rugs. Different materials require specific methods for effective care – woolen, oriental or silk rugs require extra consideration when it comes to maintenance. Vacuuming also plays a significant role as it removes dirt and debris from their surface.

Reduce Stains

The most effective way to reduce stains is by gently blotting them with a dry white cotton cloth. Always blot, never rub. As you gently rub, the stain should start to disappear. If this doesn’t work, apply some water onto the carpet stain and dab dry with a white cloth towel; if neither of these methods work, consider seeking professional assistance for carpet stain removal.

Avoid Chemical Carpet Cleaners

When caring for your carpets, avoid chemicals that could harm their fibers. Common examples include ammonia, bleach, fabric softeners and chemical dyes. A great alternative to these harsh cleaners is vinegar; however if your carpet has already been dyed then avoid adding vinegar as it could remove color from it.

Protect Against Oxidization

Oxidization is a natural process that causes wool and silk rugs to fade with age. To combat this, use non-abrasive wool shampoos and protective sprays like an organic herbal soap made of olive oil, witch hazel and tea tree oils that will shield your carpets against UV rays from the sun.

Protect Your Carpeting

If you frequently place rugs on the floor, then it is important to protect them from scratching. To do this, place a non-slip rug pad beneath each rug; this will help keep it firmly in place.

Be Aware of Damage Spots

After vacuuming, be mindful for damage spots – particularly from sharp corners and edges. Damage spots on carpet may need spot cleaning in order to eliminate stains, repairs and re-fluff the carpet.

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