Understanding Why Women Prefer A 3D Mammogram In Sparta, NJ.

Today, not just health but women’s health is also being looked after. The medical industry is constantly coming up with new technology to fuel the scenarios and the idea of mammography comes from it. Mammography has helped many women to detect any kind of potential diseases or illness related to their breast and also provide quick treatment if it detects any such signs.

What Is A Mammogram?

Mammograms are one of the crucial things when it comes to tests. A mammogram is an image taken with the help of mammography. A mammogram is an X-ray examination of the breast. Mammograms are used by doctors to check for early detection of breast cancer. Mammograms are the most effective testing doctors have for detecting breast cancer early (sometimes even up to three years before symptoms appear). This helps save the woman’s life and helps her undergo the medications and seek help before it gets too bad.

Understanding The Working Of A Mammogram :

One will be first asked to stand in front of a unique X-ray machine. Your breast will be placed on a plastic disk by a technologist. From above, another disk will securely squeeze your breast. The plates compress the breast and keep it steady while the X-ray is being taken. These pictures help detect any possible signs of breast cancer or tumour or any kind of lumps growing the breast that can be or is a potential danger.

When you are going for mammography, go for a 3D mammogram in Sparta, NJ as 3D mammography is much more advanced than the traditional one. Early detection of small breast cancers that might have been missed on conventional mammography, better accuracy in locating the size, shape, and position of breast irregularities, reduce the complexity tissue samples or additional tests, a better chance of detecting and identifying multiple breast tumours, and a clear and concise photograph of dense breast tissue are few of the reasons why you should opt for 3D mammogram in Sparta, NJ.

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