Important Features and benefits of spa

The sequence of manipulations for specialists from different massage schools may differ, but it necessarily includes the following steps :

First, the back, buttocks, and hip area are massaged. Then the cervical-collar zone, forearms and hands to the fingertips are worked out. At the end, a leg massage is performed from the hip to the foot. After that, the patient rolls over on his back, and the area of ​​the abdomen and chest is worked out. If required, massage therapist in Brooklyn, NY of the face and scalp is performed.

An experienced specialist will never hurt his patient. The master knows where to press harder, and on which zone to act as sparingly as possible, and constantly monitors the patient’s condition. The duration of the session is usually from 60 to 90 minutes. The recommended frequency of general body massage is 10 sessions every other day. Thus, an optimal therapeutic effect is achieved.


Against the background of reduced immunity, “clogged” muscles and stiff joints, massage for the human body is a serious shake-up, but in a good sense of the word. Stimulation of nerve endings, vasodilation, increased muscle tone, increased lymph flow, production of endorphins – patients feel the complex effect after the first session. At first, pleasant fatigue and relaxation are felt, but after a person, in the literal sense of the word, an incredible influx of energy and vitality inspires.

If the course is conducted by a professional specialist, the effect of therapy persists for six months. General massage is the best way to restore lightness, elasticity of movements and excellent mood to your body.

SPA-programs can be aimed at the general improvement of the body or have a preventive effect. Agree that premature aging is easier to prevent than to try to turn back the clock. There are unique programs designed to get rid of unaesthetic cellulite and effective body shaping after childbirth. In any case, the task of spa specialists is to activate and launch the processes of restoring vitality and energy, improve metabolism and cell regeneration, and relieve emotional and psychological stress.

Ordinary cosmetic procedures eliminate only external imperfections of the face and body, but SPA programs allow you to achieve the same results, clearly and delicately influencing the causes of problems.

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