Everything needed to know to become a certified nurse

Nurses are critical members of the healthcare workforce, and the flexibility of a nursing career cannot be overstated. Certifiednurses singapore can specialize or broaden their practice as their interests and passions grow after establishing a foundation of knowledge and experience.

What is a certified nurse?

All nurses are required to be licensed by their respective states. This qualifies them to work in settings that fall under the scope of practice to be a nurse. To practice, one must have a state license. Certification is entirely optional. Certified nurse chooses to go above and beyond to distinguish themselves from their peers by demonstrating advanced skills, expertise, and experience. It necessitates extensive study, 2000 hours work in a specialty area, payment, and passing the extensive national test.


Nurse certification is critical because it shows that they have the insight, skills, and attitudes necessary to provide high-quality care to patients and families. A certified nurse is a professional student committed to provide high-quality care. Certified nurses are more self-assured that the care they provide based on even the most up-to-date research.

How to get certified?

  • License to practice as a registered nurse in good standing
  • Investigate the best certifications.
  • Verify exam eligibility.
  • Take the exam

It is critical to obtain certification because it shows patients, families, employers, and teammates that one has the understanding, skills, and competencies to meet government standards. Being a certified nurses singapore is a mark of distinction and illustrates excellence.

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