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Last year, my students and I sponsored a cabin of teenage boys at an orphanage for Christmas.  There were 24 students in my class, and each student had approximately eight packages for her “orphan.”  All of it together filled my van twice, packed end to end and from top to bottom.  I drove all of this to the city 35 miles away (two separate trips) where a tiny shipping store packed it all in big boxes.  All in all, we ended up with about sixty huge boxes, all going to the same place.  It was such a hassle, and I ended up with a migraine that just wouldn’t quit.

If I had known then about Freight & Shipping, Inc., I would have had my students pack their wrapped gifts in good strong boxes, labeled each box with the address of the orphanage, and called a live agent at 1-877-618-6058.  I would not have know then, but I know now, that we had what is called a less-than-a-truckload (LTL) shipment of freight, and although many shipping companies don’t like to deal with LTL’s, Freight & Shipping, Inc. loves them.  In fact, Freight & Shipping, Inc. loves all of its customers and any kind of shipping needs any of them might bring.

Hindsight is always 50/50, of course, but I will tell you truthfully that if I had known about Freight & Shipping, Inc. last year just about this time, I would have called them and they would have sent a truck to the college to pick up all those packages and I would have been spared those two long cold trips AND all that unloading, which I had to do by myself, too.  It was a mess.

With Freight & Shipping, Inc., it would have been a cinch.  Let this be a lesson to YOU.  Don’t learn it as I learned it; learn it by reading this blog and calling Freight & Shipping, Inc. for all of your freight and shipping needs.

It’s so easy to use our service.  You can phone us, of course, at either 1-877-618-6058 or 1-866-910-0253, or you can FAX us at 1-727-230-8020, or, and this is the coolest of all, you can just click on the “‘Quick Quote” at the top of this page and fill out our fantastic brand-new “Instant Quote” which will give you a list of trucking companies and their quotes.  Choose the one you like best and we’ll take it from there. hauling

December is going by pretty fast.  We’ve all got a lot of packages to mail.  If you’ve got enough, you can use Freight & Shipping, Inc. and save a LOT of money.

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